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Digital Mentoring App Now Available!!

We are excited to announce that through a partnership with Cabela's Outdoor Fund and Powderhook we have released the 1st version of the Digital Mentoring App. 

Please go to where you download apps for your phone, search Powderhook and install it today! Or, if you're on your phone, click this link: 

Once you get the Powderhook app, click on the “me” icon and become a Digital Mentor.

We are looking for outdoors folks who care about the future of our way of life to join us in this effort to give those new to the outdoors a reliable resource they can use to find answers to questions they might have as they explore hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking...and all of the other great outdoor activities that connect folks to the great outdoors.

You can help! Simply download the app and then answer questions where you can be of assistance. It should only take a minute or two per week.

And if you're trying out something new, or traveling to a new area, feel free to post a question.
And be sure to take a kid outdoors with you!