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First Hunt

Recent research has shown that only 67% of students taking a hunter education class end up buying a license (“Hunter Education Graduates’ Proclivity to Purchase a License after Graduation”, Southwick & Associates). In reviewing data from Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc. events, we have found similar numbers for the children we have been working with over the last 13 years.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc., in partnership with local volunteers from conservation organizations like NWTF, PF, QF and SCI, will be hosting First Hunt events across the state. These First Hunt events will be designed for hunters who have recently passed a Hunter Education class. The goal of a First Hunt event is to give inexperienced hunters the opportunity to experience an upland hunt in a controlled environment. This program will focus on giving new hunters a chance to go afield in a controlled hunting environment with experienced mentors coaching them in the field. The event will consist of:

  1. a review of hunter education principles, focusing on those related to upland hunting,
  2. shotgun safety and target shooting,
  3. a controlled hunt with pheasants placed in bird launchers and the hunters mentored by experienced hunters and dog handlers.

Once the new hunters have demonstrated safe gun handling and have developed their shooting skills to the point where they can be reasonably expected to break clay targets, they will be taken to the field 2 at a time to hunt over trained hunting dogs. Each hunter will be accompanied by a mentor along with the dog handler and hunt master. When the dogs go on point, the hunters will be coached into position and the bird will be released for the shot. Each hunter will have opportunities at 2 birds.

The program will be organized and coordinated by Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc. We will work with KDWPT and hunter education instructors to get word to the students about the First Hunt opportunities. We will partner with local NWTF, PF & QF chapters to staff the events and help with funding. There will be no cost to participants.

If you would like to make a generous donation to help fund more of these First Hunt events, please click on the DONATE button below!

First Hunt events are sponsored by the following organizations: