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Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors recognized by Federal Ammunition

Vista Outdoor Conservation Director Ryan Bronson presents Mike Christensen, President of Pass It On Outdoor Mentors, with the 2016 Youth Leadership award at the NWTF Save the Habitat Save the Hunt Hunting Heritage Breakfast.

Vista Outdoor has been a great supporter of our efforts to get more kids outdoors, hunting and fishing. This award recognizes all of the volunteers who have stepped up to be Outdoor Mentors!

Thank you Vista Outdoor!

First Hunt, Kingman, KS - 1/30/16

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors hosted another First Hunt event on Saturday, 1/30 at Bluestem Hunting Preserve near Kingman, KS.

We had 15 new hunters in total, with some from Kingman and some from Wichita. The Kingman kids were mostly 7th graders who had taken hunter ed at the middle school in Kingman. The Wichita hunters had recently completed a class that Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors had helped coordinate for the FOP and their families.

Volunteers from Wichita PF, QF and NWTF chapters helped with the hunt, mentoring the new hunters as they walked the fields.

First Hunt pheasant hunts start with

Why Outdoor Mentoring is the Key!

Folks in the outdoor industry have been putting a lot of time and effort into the recruitment, retention and reactivation of hunters (R3 for short). With the hunting population making up an ever smaller percentage of the national population (somewhere under 10% now), it is important for state fish and wildlife agencies (who depend greatly on license sales to be able fulfill their mission) and companies who cater to the hunting and fishing crowd to find out what it takes to make a new hunter.



The Wildlife Management Institute has been looking into this question and, with the help of


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