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Buras fishing guide passing on his outdoor heritage

An great story in the New Orleans Times-Picayune about a guide from New Orleans who is passing on his love for the outdoors!

You can read the story here.

The outdoor sports were such an important part of his formative years that Landry vowed to expose his two daughters and one son to hunting and fishing every chance he got. It's a sacrifice that fewer parents are making.


The Quality Deer Management Association is implementing a youth program that includes mentor hunts!

From a story in the latest edition of their magazine, "Quality Whitetails", here is a quote outlining what the program is all about:

Having the legal ability to hunt is the first step, and Families Afield is tackling that. However, just because youths are allowed to hunt doesn’t mean they have the opportunity to do so or they are being  properly introduced to hunting. That’s the next step and that’s where QDMA’s Mentored Hunting Program comes in to play.
QDMA’s Mentored Hunting Program

What Lies Ahead for the Future of the Wildlife Professional?

From National Geographic comes a very interesting article on the future of wildlife professionals.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors is all about getting kids outdoors.  We want to expose them to as many outdoor activities as we can.  They will decide what they like to do.  But we have to give them the opportunity to experience the great outdoros or they won't get involved.  

The article discusses the changes that are coming as the current wildlife professionals retire.

From the article:

An entire generation of wildlife biologists, managers and conservationists is retiring.

More kids fishing is better for state traditions, legacy

Fishing is a great American tradition, passed on from generation to generations for many, many generations past and, hopefully, for many to come.

But the joy of fishing for youngsters is facing steep competition these days from a video game craze that can prove addictive.

But we far prefer that youngsters in the summer in northern Minnesota focus on being anglers rather than gamers.

And the sponsors, supporters and advocates for the “Let’s Take A Kid Fishing” event at Frazer Bay on Lake Vermilion, now in its fourth year, obviously feel the same way.

Lake Vermilion will be filled with

Free Lower East Side Fishing Clinic Has Kids Hooked

From a New York City neighborhood news publication, here is an article on big-city kids being introduced to fishing!

LOWER EAST SIDE — Lower East Side kids are getting hooked on fishing.

The neighborhood's Ecology Center recently launched its summer fishing clinics in the East River — providing free tackle, bait and instruction to anyone who wants to cast a line.

"I like to show them that things still live in here so they will take responsibility to keep pollution out of the river," said Dan Tainow, the education director for the center.

The sessions are strictly catch-and-release, he said.


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