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Michael Pearce takes young Jake dove hunting...

Michael Pearce has another installment in his series of stories about his time mentoring young Jake in the outdoors.  He took Jake dove hunting on one of KDWPT's special youth/mentor dove fields.

Thanks to Michael, young Jake has been deer hunting, duck hunting, goose hunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting and now dove hunting.  And he's done a bit of fishing along the way as well.

Here is the link to Michael's latest story.

We've got lots of youngsters like Jake all over the country, young boys and girls who need a mentor to take them outdoors and show them the joy of hunting and

We want to introduce you to Tyler, a 13-year old boy living in Wichita.

Tyler has been through a hunter education class and a wing shooting clinic and went on his first hunt on Labor Day, hunting doves on the McPherson Wetlands.!  Tyler needs a mentor to take him hunting & fishing!

Tyler lives with his grandmother who said that she hadn't seen him excited about much at all until he found out he would get to go on the dove hunt.

Tyler likes to play video games and build things in his free time. He needs a Big Brother that enjoys building and fishing and that has lots of patience.

Tyler is

Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks & Tourism has posted their listing of special Youth and Youth/Mentor Dove Fields for the coming hunting season.

We want to commend KDWPT for their efforts to provide special hunting opportunities for youth.

Dove hunts generally provide kids with plenty of shooting opportunities and great times in the outdoors. I hope you are planning on taking a youth hunting this fall!

You can download the list of fields from the link below.

For a complete listing of all dove fields state-wide, click here.


Arizona's Hunting & Angling Heritage Working Group

The Wildlife Management Institute has an article in their Outdoor News Bulletin, by Dr. Jonathan Gassett on the Arizona Hunting and Angling Heritage Working Group (HAHWG).

Many of these groups are members of Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors and doing great work to get more kids outdoors.

The Arizona Elk Society  hosts Wapiti weekends and teams up with the National Wild Turkey Federation, Phoenix Varmint Callers, and AZ Game & Fish for youth turkey camps. (You'll note the Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors logo top center in the banner in the picture below.)

This past weekend, we partnered with the


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