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11 year old boy wants to go hunting & fishing

I recently received an email from the mother of an 11 year old boy.  Her request is one of the big reasons for an organization like Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors to exist.  I’ve blacked out the personal information from the email, but wanted to share it to show why we need more men and women to step up and become mentors.

I’ve let this mother know that we will make sure her son gets out on some of our events this fall.  But, while that will “scratch his hunting itch” it’s not the fix we need.  We need a man in her community to step up and become a mentor for this young boy.

Shooting Clinics get kids started!

Last Thursday (7/18) was my second time attending the Youth Shooting Clinic hosted by the McPherson Area Pheasants Forever Chapter at the McPherson Valley Upland Facility.  Roughly 25-30 children were taught firearm safety and were able to participate in the shooting sports under the close supervision of instructors.  I observed several familiar faces from the June shooting event; however, there were plenty of new faces!  Youth shooting events are a great opportunity for children of all ages to learn the basics of firearm safety and shooting techniques.

Get kids's good for them!

It seems like every day, I see another article discussing all of the positive benefits of getting kids outdoors.  

I recently came across one from the Toronto Star, talking about how one school was seeing striking results, especially with autistic kids.  (You can read the article here).  Pretty neat stuff!  But isn't it a shame that folks are having to find things like this out?  Wouldn't it be great if something like this were never thought of?  

I know when I was a kid, no one would have ever thought this type of thing would be a problem.  But the world has changed.

When folks ask me


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