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Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors is proud to announce that TriStar Sporting Arms is sponsoring the 2015 Gun-a-Week Drawing!
Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors is giving you a chance to win a gun every week for 52 weeks, beginning the first week of March 2015! Each ticket enters you in a weekly drawing for a new firearm! After 52 weekly drawings, all of the winning tickets will be put in the hat for a bonus drawing, guaranteeing that one lucky person will win at least 2 guns! A consolation drawing will be held for everyone that did not win during the weekly drawings.
Each week, a gun will be

Outfitter Extraordinaire!

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors has been very fortunate that over the last 12+ years a number of outfitters have stepped up to offer outstanding hunting and fishing opportunities for the youth in our program. We’ve had a great goose hunt thanks to Flatland Waterfowl.  We’ve had a young hunter go elk hunting in New Mexico (it was filmed for a STEP Outside show on the Outdoor Channel). We’ve hunted deer on the Z Bar Ranch in southcentral Kansas (one of those was also filmed for a STEP Outside show).  Ringneck Ranch, Prairie Wind Hunt Club, Beavers Game Farm and many other outfitters have hosted

Ol' Grizz

One of the great places we have been able to take kids hunting is the Z Bar Ranch, owned by Turner Enterprises.  It’s over 42,000 acres in the Red Hills area of southcentral Kansas and truly a beautiful place to visit with stunning vistas and buttes, buffalo, deer, antelope, turkey, pheasants, and quail.  Prairie dog towns dot the plains.  Just a wonderful place to go hunting and fishing.

After doing a presentation to the local Chisholm Trail Chapter of Safari Club International, I had a gentleman volunteer to help with the youth deer hunt.

Kansas outdoors a perfect place for rites of passage

Michael Pearce, outdoor writer for the Wichita Eagle, has another installment on his blog about the time he has been spending mentoring young Jake in the outdoors.

Quoting from Michael's article:

Today, it seems too many boys are turning to ill-advised acts to prove themselves as men to themselves and their peers. Such things include joining violent gangs, abusing alcohol and drugs, driving too fast and fathering illegitimate children. Sadly too many girls are doing much of the same to prove themselves, too.

And such things are why I think it's so important that adults encourage and lead

The Hamburger Helper Story

I received an email from a gentleman who lives near Kansas City saying that he had heard me talking about the Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc. program on a radio program while he was driving through Chattanooga, TN.  It seems he had been driving all night and had listened to Scott Linden’s outdoor show on one of the satellite radio stations. Bruce’s email outlined his vast experience in the outdoors and stated,

“I do believe God has now called me back to help minister to kids thru my vast experience of the outdoors.”

Now it’s not every day that you get an email from someone who feels like